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369 N. 100 W. Unit #2 Cedar City, UT 84721

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Owner/Operator: James Markham

Servicing the Rigging Industry since January 2011


Welcome to JM Rigging Supply located in beautiful southern Utah. JM Rigging is your one stop shop for lifting products, towing, tie downs, winching, recovery and off-road products. JM Rigging Supply is the home to the toughest winch line on the market, our sk75 super dyneema, MaxII high strength synthetic line. It has been said that rocks fear our winch line.

At JM Rigging Supply we can offer you industrial grade products at a competitive price without sacrificing quality. With our 30 plus years of experience we can help you take the guess work out of your project. We have a good inventory of top quality domestic as well as import products for you to choose from. Give us a try; you will be happy you did as at JM Rigging Supply our customers are always number one.

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Winch Lines

JM Rigging Supply is home to the toughest winch line on the market today. Our winch line has been tested and proven in the tough environment of rock racing by some of the nation’s top rock crawlers, ultra 4 drivers, and race teams. We offer two grades of top shelf Dyneema rope. Our Dyneema SK65 MAX I line and our super Dyneema SK75 MAX II winch line out performs the competition. Whose line is on your winch?



Need to recover a broken rig? Righting a roll over? Or just simply helping out someone to get “unstuck”? At JM Rigging Supply we have the proper equipment to get you back on the trail. We have a good inventory of import and domestic made in the USA recovery products for you to choose from. Don’t really know what you need? Our 30 years of rigging experience can help solve that problem and get you the right product for the situation. From Nylon tow straps to polyester recovery slings, we can help you be prepared for the worst Mother Nature can throw at us.

Offroad Products

At JM Rigging Supply we are pleased to bring industrial grade products to the off road world. This means more bang for your buck without sacrificing quality! At JM Rigging we make made in the USA products affordable to everyone. Our rigging shop has a good inventory of things like hooks, shackles, snatch blocks to tree saver slings as well as many other products to help make your day on the trail a safe and rewarding one. JM Rigging supply is also a stocking distributor for Factor 55 closed winching systems and products.

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